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Did you know that around 35% of all remodeling jobs involve the entire home? With such a massive project, it can be hard to make sure you’ve covered all your bases; rather than just considering the details of a single room, you need to take in every aspect of your home. Even with an experienced residential home designer, that’s a tall order. To avoid getting frustrated with the details, focus on one of the element that matter in interior design: lighting. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways natural light can make a difference in your home makeover.

  • Increase space: There are a number of tricks that residential home designers employ when decorating small spaces, the clever use of natural lighting. Compared to artificial lighting, homes lit with sunshine naturally feel more spacious and expansive. The perception allows us to take advantage of every inch of space within our sometimes cramped and cluttered lives.
  • Bright and bold colors: Many photographers know that artificial light often makes colors appear distinctly unnatural in images. Many residential home designers know that the same thing can occur in the home. If you’re entertaining a home remodel, you have the ability to add windows and skylights to let the light in; as a result, you’ll find that colors look deeper, bolder, more natural, and far more pleasing to the eye.
  • Energy boost: No matter where you live, cloudy days can get you down; in fact, residents of the states that experience long, dark winters are susceptible to a form of seasonal depression caused by the lack of sunshine. The same thing can happen on a much smaller level inside your house. The more access to the sun and natural light you have, the more alert, awake, and overall better you’ll feel.

When your project is getting close to search for an interior designer, you’ll be astounded at what a difference an experienced designer can do. Call the design team at Janet Brooks interior design today.