The Interior Design Process

If you are curious about what to expect when you trust your interior design project to Janet Brooks Design, please read the detailed description below. There is probably more to the process than you ever imagined!

Interior Design Development/Space Planning


Passion for what we do makes Janet, Kim and Caylen great team members on every project.

From the first moment we meet new clients, our focus is on you….who you are and what you are about.  Janet Brooks, ASID, is always the lead designer on every project.  In the expectation that you have hired an AIA architect to assist you with the design of your new home (important!), we begin by providing additional input into how the spaces in the home will work for you.  As the floor plan and spacial relationships are being developed, we are constantly questioning exactly how you intend to live in the home and offering options for ways that the layout of the rooms and spaces will compliment the lifestyle you anticipate.  You know the old adage, “Two heads are better than one”… this is true of the interior design process; we strongly believe that you are benefited by engaging a TEAM of professionals:  an architect, a talented builder who understands good design, and an interior designer.  This guarantees that the architectural plans you end up with will  represent the best possible design for you. Wherever you reside, we will create the perfect interior design that will explore your wildest dreams and make them into reality! It’s what makes us some of the best interior designers, Scottsdale has to offer!

Material Selections and Interior Design


Ladders, tape measurers and blueprints are all tools of our trade.

Once you are comfortable with your architectural plans, it is our responsibility to help you with a myriad of material selections for every surface inside the home, as well as for exterior spaces.  Because of our extensive experience with materials, sources and applications, this daunting task becomes a (relatively) simple, step by step experience in decision making.  We will lead the effort and assist with smart decision-making, both from an aesthetic perspective as well as staying in budget.  By presenting options in our studio and/or taking you to showrooms and manufacturers, we will expose you to a range of options for each choice that we have pre-selected based on four things:  1) the architectural style of your home, 2) your budget, 3) our vision for your interiors, 4) use of appropriate materials for the lifestyle you intend to pursue in your new home.  For instance,  for an indoor room next to a well-used patio, we would not suggest selecting a dark hardwood floor, which would require constant upkeep to eliminate dusty footprints.


Although the architect is responsible for the architectural design, we provide the details for things such as flooring material patterns, tile layouts, etc.  This is an example of a floor pattern for a Game Room, using limestone and wood.  All of our plans are generated in AutoCAD.

Some of the designs and selections we will be assisting you with are:  flooring materials and patterns both inside and out, wall finishes, cabinetry design and layout, countertop materials and finishes, tile selections and designs for backsplashes and tub/showers, interior door and front door designs and finishes, fireplace wall designs and finishes, plumbing and electrical fixtures, appliances, and custom millwork in various locations.  All of this will be progressing before your home is even in the ground.  Many decisions are best made prior to the start of construction, because it gives time to get bids back from your contractor to help us stay in budget, and it allows us to be able to incorporate specific things into the actual construction of the home before it’s too late.  For instance, if we choose a thicker material for stone floors in certain locations, the slab can be recessed  in order to provide even transitions to adjacent floors.

Throughout Construction

Although most design decisions and material selections are made before construction begins, there are always adjustments and design detail issues that come up during the process of building the home.  Throughout the interior design process, we will act as a liaison with you, your architect and your contractor to provide timely and appropriate responses to these challenges/opportunities.  Regular jobsite visits are a part of our constant effort to assure quality and good communication with your contractor and the various trades, determining that our design details are being executed accurately. Don’t wait another minute to have a breathtaking interior design Scottsdale that truly represents your personality and inner desires! Call us today! Janet Brooks Design – Interior Design Scottsdale – Interior Design Phoenix – Call us: (480) 776-2700


While not a required part of our design services, it makes sense to bring your designer into the picture when it comes to furnishing your new home, whether for a few pieces to fill in pieces that you already own, or for an entirely new design for your interiors.  The beauty of being able to assist our clients with furnishings is that, during the process of designing and building the home with you, we have already gotten to know your taste and your lifestyle, making the design and acquisition of furnishings, window treatments, area rugs, etc. part of a natural progression, thus guaranteeing a cohesive and satisfying overall result.

Call or email us; we are happy to answer any questions you may have about our design services. Janet Brooks also interior designs in Sedona, AZ! Get excited about what we can do for your personal space with color, texture, lighting and other elements!

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