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Santa Barbara Project
Things are moving along quickly at our Santa Barbara project on Camelback Mountain!   This is the time in the construction process that every day brings something new; it’s so rewarding to go to the job site and see more and more cabinets in every day, wrought iron balconies being installed, pool patio finishes going in…  This is why we love what we do, having a design vision and experiencing the gratification of seeing it come to life in living materials! 

All the ironwork in the home is being done by Richard at Creative Metals.

balcony railing on santa barbara home

This iron balcony railing weighs about 2,000 pounds. It was really interesting watching them (carefully) lift it up and anchor it to the wall.

Ciudad Obregon, Mexico Project
Janet just got back last week from another visit to our project in Ciudad Obregon, Mexico.  This trip was all about getting our client’s lighting corrected.  

carved stone wall panel

Chris is demonstrating where the bottom of the crystal chandelier should hit on the carved stone wall panel.

The electrician had installed LED light bulbs throughout this (large) home, inside and out, and unfortunately almost every one is the wrong “color”, or the fixtures were placed in a location that doesn’t correctly light the room or the artwork.  We took a lighting consultant, Chris Carroll from Carroll Consulting, with us to demonstrate the correct choice of LED bulbs, change out fluorescent bulbs to LED strips in indirect applications and generally make lighting recommendations throughout the home.  The home will literally be transformed with the changes we are making, which will finally bring out the beauty of the architecture.

high glass mural

This gorgeous 8’ high glass mural will now be perfectly backlit, thanks to the correct LED lighting that will be installed behind it!

Radius Contemporary Project

Design and plans for our radius contemporary project with PHX Arch and Salcito Custom Homes are progressing quickly!  Our clients are coming into town this week from Washington State to spend another 4 days in team meetings and design presentations.  This week, we will be finalizing the flooring material layout, reviewing cabinet layouts throughout the whole home, presenting our fireplace designs in SketchUp and Podium software, and reviewing the lighting plan done by Walter Spitz of CDL Lighting amongst many other things!

contemporary fireplace

In order to assist our clients in visualizing our great room fireplace design, we presented them with this computer generated rendering to accurately show the scale of the wall, the room and the finishes.