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New Mexico Homes Interview with Janet Brooks

For some people, the idea of designing and decorating the space you live in is just too much. That’s why we sat down with Janet Brooks who owns and manages Janet Brooks Design to get the insider scoop of choosing the right interior designer for you.

Questions You Should Ask Your Interior Designer:

  • Find out if the designer is familiar with, or has done other projects in, the style the homeowner is looking for.
  • Get a sense of the price-range of the projects the designer usually works in and make sure that is a fit.
  • Ask if the designer is personally involved in each project, or if he/she delegates projects to Jr. Designers
  • Get a feeling for the designer’s current project load, and if he/she will have time in the schedule to give your project the time and attention it will require.
  • Ask to talk to previous clients about the experience of working with the designer.

Qualities a Qualified Interior Designer Possesses?

An interior designer must have good Organization Skills for all of the details we are responsible for. Intuition in order to instinctively know what our clients want. Flexibility to be able to change direction mid-stream if needed, and of course Creativity, Creativity, Creativity.