It’s not easy to be the best, when being the best means having integrity, style , timeliness and presenting value in what you do. Janet Brooks was once again hand-picked by one of the Houzz writers to be featured in an editorial ideabook. The article, “9 Details That Count: How to Make Your Bathroom Feel More Luxe”  is featured on the homepage of Houzz and represents 9 of the top interior designers that know how to celebrate and incorporate luxurious design into a bath area.

The article discusses what makes high-end bathrooms feel so luxurious and benefit from thoughtful details that make bathroom space feel glamorous and spa-like. The Houzz writer also discusses keeping in mind budget and making changes that will offer a bit of luxury without breaking the bank.  The team at Janet Brooks Design was chosen because of their ability to showcase art within the space. Many times Janet Brooks Design uses the element of art to elevate the feel of the room. She will often showcase large-scale artworks and collections in her bathroom design concepts deploying a great strategy that can give your bathroom a luxe makeover.

So congratulations to the team at Janet Brooks Design for once again incorporating great design, beauty, and an endless sense of style! Please visit our website to get a feel of why her team incorporates winning ideas into all of their design projects. For over 20 years janet Brooks has been creating inviting, fun, and innovative interior design ideas into the homes of residents in Scottsdale, Phoenix and Sedona, Arizona. Visit our see and see for yourself why Janet Brooks Design is consistantly award winning!