Autumn is always a welcome season for residents in Arizona. We look forward to the temperatures beginning to cool down and everyone’s looking for a place to cozy up into! It’s fun and energizing to align yourself with the seasons and enjoy bringing some of that majestic autumn air into your home decor. Read on and enjoy implementing some of these tips straight from our own Phoenix interior designers at Janet Brooks to make your home a little more fall-friendly.

Add Some Texture. Maybe people think that fall is all about the colors — oranges, reds, or browns — but you can find that “cuddle up” feeling in any color scheme so long as it has texture. During the summer months, we tend toward materials that are light and sheer; but as the weather cools, think large knits, velvet, even furs. A cowhide rug, for example, can add a bold element of nature to your living room space. Just be sure to leave 12 to 18 inches of floor space on each side of the rug, as a general rule of good interior design.

Open Up. Good light and window space are all the more precious as the days get shorter. Update your window treatments with an extra side panel — again, for more texture — but try to keep window spaces open, so you can enjoy the view.

Use Color. One of the best parts of feeling “cozy” inside your home is that it is the perfect time to bring out accent pillows with the richer hues of fall and winter, in lieu of your lighter summer looks.  A throw to cuddle up with on a comfy chair also adds a great accent, and it give your guests a chance to really feel at home when visiting you!

Stay Simple. The simplicity of nature in the fall is sometimes best left to speak for itself. A simple centerpiece of bare twigs in a vase with stones or pinecones can convey both elegance and austerity. Refrain from going overboard on the gourds and pumpkins; balance the rich hues of autumn with plain whites or subdued grays.

Minor touches around the home can transform any living space into a seasonal snapshot. Start with just a few adjustments, and build your home design in tune with the changing season. So whether you are looking for an updated look for your home in Scottsdale or a new interior design Sedona feel, give janet Brooks Design a call and have fun with your style and feel alive in the space you life in!