Mediterranean interior design embodies the feeling of Europe’s southern coast (more specifically, the south of France, Spain and Italy). This area has a distinctly relaxed, inviting atmosphere that is reflected in the Mediterranean design style with its colorful touches, rustic furniture and rich textural introductions. Architectural features such as repeating arches, barrel and groin vaulted ceilings, clay tile roofs, stone window sills and wooden lintels over doors and windows are a common theme.

Mediterranean interiors pursue a truly carefree and casual feeling by bringing as much of the vibrant landscape and the warm sunlight into the interior as possible. This style is often described as “Southern European “Country” because although furnishings and architecture follow the same traditional design periods as found in more formal environments, this style emulates the casual lifestyle of a warmer European climate. Materials that would naturally be found in these areas are featured as architectural elements or furnishings (terra cotta tiles, pine wood with light painted finishes, and carved limestone or marble for example).

The hardware is typically burnished and is usually simplistic and functional. Walls are mainly plastered in light colors, however stronger colors are worked in elsewhere in the spaces. The colors are derived from the sea and sky but can also include warm terra cotta, lavender and yellow. Mediterranean interiors usually feature mosaic tile designs on floors, as kitchen backsplashes, etc. Visual depth is often created by layering paint and glaze on plaster or textured walls.