Mission style is considered very similar to the Arts & Crafts movement. It is a classic yet durable and appealing style to many due to their functional and simplistic beauty. Mission style provides wonderful contrast to sleek modern designs. While they are both simplistic and functional, there is an inviting, warm quality to mission style interiors due to the emphasis on wood as the predominant interior material. The original inspiration for the mission style came from the Spanish missions and the solid wood furniture.

Structural supports are typically exposed and handcrafted metal hardware is common. This style became outrageously popular around the turn of the twentieth century with architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and Charles and Henry Greene incorporating the style into bungalows that were being designed and built in California. Today, hand-crafted items are becoming more appreciated because it is an escape from the high-tech lifestyle that most people live. This is why the timeless appeal of the mission style grabs people’s attention. These are interiors that were meant to be lived in comfortably; not just observed.