Old world style interior design is a mix of various European influences. It features earthy materials such as tumbled marble, tile and limestone combined with antiques/sizeable furniture pieces and rich texture on flooring, fabrics and walls. Mismatched furniture pieces and distressed and matte finishes are also very popular in old world design. Colors are altered to appear more weathered and aged resulting in more subdued tones. Cabinets are simplistic in design with very noticeable and oversized door hardware accompanied by softly rounded moldings and corners. Kitchen islands are typically large and can be stained or painted in a different finish from the rest of the cabinetry. Fabrics that feature maps or animal prints help support an old world well-traveled feel, while accessories like leather/fabric found books, woven shades, bamboo elements, wicker furniture, and decorative storage trunks can also support this style. Interior architectural elements include exposed beams on the ceiling and arched doorways/windows.