Picture this: You have a really small living room, so you’re having problems trying to figure out how to make your space look bigger. If you’re about to revamp your living room but are struggling to find ways to make the space larger, there are a few interior design trends that you should try out.

Make Your Eyes Go Upward

Many rooms have a lot of extra space that tends to go unused. You might not be sure what to place above your reading nook window, but you know that the blank wall can’t stay blank. One of the biggest interior design trends is getting the eye to go from the bottom to the top of a room. You can easily do this by placing small pieces of artwork in the empty spaces or install floor-to-ceiling drapes. The floor-to-ceiling aspect will make a room look larger and more inviting.

Neutral-Colored Paint and Items

Using neutral-colored decor will allow the space  to appear larger than it actually is. Off-whites and beiges can make the walls look pushed-back. Softer colors will bring light into the room, which instantly makes it look a lot larger. Plus, the old trick of implementing mirrors in strategic places will extend the space as well.

Be Choosy about the Furniture

Even if your room is extremely small, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate furniture in the area. Choose a sofa with no arms or extremely thin arms. If the space is too small for a couch in general, choose a chair or a loveseat instead.

Decorating a small space may be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Give Janet Brooks a call today to help you polish your design look.