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While sometimes not given very much thought, there are very few features in a home used as much in the home as a sink! The right sink can be used to enhance an interior design project, such as a kitchen remodel and make our everyday lives easier.

With the emergence of technology into our everyday lives, it is normal to wonder what a sink can do to help make our lives easier.  The Gentle Jet Laundry sink by MTI has making the decision to buy delicate clothing just a little bit simpler.  The sink provides an innovative use of micro- power jets that can launder all of those delicate washables.   If you’re worried about cleanup, Aquatic offers a similar sink but with air jets instead.

MTI Jentle Jet laundry sink

For easy cleaning and a unique design approach, there are integrated counters and sinks made of the same material.  We designed this powder room a few years ago with a sink made of the same plaster as the surrounding walls (and yes, it’s waterproof)!  This look is always a design winner, because people aren’t prepared to see a sink that isn’t made of stone, ceramic or metal.  For a small space like a powder room, it makes a big and unexpected pop.

Wutz Powder Room sink cropped

Here is another example of an integrated sink, using a fossilized marble to make a sink that is literally built into the countertop.  This application is especially fun, because no metal drain is actually visible and it makes the water look as though it’s just disappearing.  The  key to this application is to know that your stone fabricator is knowledgeable about making sinks that will actually function, as well as look cool!

Powder room cropped

There are many different sizes and shapes to choose from when choosing a sink. In the past few years, a popular option for kitchens, especially in Mediterranean style design, has been the “farmhouse” sink. These sinks have one large, deep basin. They have a distinct apron front that people integrate as a vintage touch in the design of their kitchens. Just be sure your slab fabricator understands how to integrate the sink in a visibly pleasing way, as it has to protrude past the line of the front of the adjacent cabinets.

farmhouse sink

No matter what the design style, the very latest in kitchen sink trends is the use of a single large sink with a disposal, rather than the divided 2-compartment style that was popular for many years.  It can be made of cast iron, Silgranite, natural stone or metal, but the noteworthy thing is that people want to have a compartment large enough to hold a baking dish or large pan, which isn’t possible in the standard 33″ size sink that is divided into more than one compartment.  It seems practicality has taken a different turn lately.  In this kitchen, we combined the design statement of a farmhouse sink with the punch of a hammered pewter material to really set it off.

Kitchen cropped for sink


In addition to looking great, this sink is helping to reduce waste in our landfills.  This sophisticated sink by Minarc begins with old rubber tires that are melted and purified, and then formed into a sheet that is stretched over a base frame and anchored to the drain collar to form the sink.  This sleek sink not only looks amazing but allows you to brag to your friends that you’re helping save the environment.

minart rubber sink

Unique sinks are popping up all over the design world that are perfect for entertaining. This specific sink, which is normally used as a “prep” sink, can also be used as a cooler by filling up with ice and placing drinks inside. Cheers!

Party sink by Odeon