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Now that September is here, chances are your home is filled with the typical summer interior design trends — cool linen, and neutral colors. While it’s hard not to love this easy-breezy decor, pretty soon you’ll have to start thinking about redecorating your home for the fall.

But all of your summer interior design hard work doesn’t have to go to waste. Luckily, there are a few different ways you can easily transition your decor into something beautiful that will last for the chillier months.


Many people believe summer decor has to be all white, but this color isn’t useful once the cold weather comes. However, you can grab some white and gray marble fixtures such as lamps and coffee tables to bring some versatility to your interior designs, and as an added bonus, this material pairs beautifully with richer fall colors.

Woven textiles

Earthy, woven textiles work great with any decor as they give a laid-back vibe to the room. Woven baskets are great accents to have to hold magazines, blankets, and other treasures around the room and are perfect for all seasons. Just make sure to choose darker wooden colors as they tend to match the majority of different interior decors.


The rich look of brass has made a big comeback this past couple of years, and the warmth of the tones of antique and brushed brass finishes move easily into the colder winter months.   Our favorite places to use brass are on pendants and chandeliers, and we also love to see it used on legs of side tables  and hardware on chests and nightstands.

Terracotta tile

This classic earthenware tile will add warmth to any room and since it is quite the unique choice, you’ll impress anyone who comes by to visit. We love to pair terracotta with aqua, navy blues, and splashes of dove gray.

No matter what interior design trends you choose, our interior designers recommend decorating with the rule of threes…style your room with an odd number of objects as they are more eye-catching and interesting than even numbers.