Spring is here, and that means that it can be time to update your interior design! The design process during this time of year can be quite exciting but overwhelming at the same time if you do not know what is trending. How do you know which interior design trends are coming in for 2017? To make things simple for you, we have compiled a list of design changes that are becoming more stylish this year. Remember, design is about what resonates with your own tastes. So read on and always explore!

    • 2016 Trend: Large, oversized furniture   2017 Trend:  Smaller pieces with mismatched colors
      Simply put, oversized furniture can be incredibly overwhelming, especially in a small room. We know how comfy they can be, but if you wanted to change things up, go for a smaller, mismatched furniture set. The monochromatic trend (especially all gray!) is quite tired, so don’t be afraid to play around with different colors, patterns, and materials.
    • 2016 Trend: Silver based metallic finishes    2017 Trend:  Warmer metallic tones of brass
      This isn’t the brass you remember in your parents’ home from the 70’s and 80’s, but nonetheless, warm goldish tones in metallic finishes are HOT right now. They are not only seen on furniture frames, but are also showing up big time in plumbing fixtures, lighting and door hardware.  They are typically in a brushed finished, to soften the harshness of polished brass.  Silver, stainless and pewter gray have given way to the warm of satin brass, which perks up cool tones of gray, blue and white, and adds excitement to any accent color.
    • 2016 Trend: Minimalism    2017 Trend: Accessories with flair
      Try designing with items that are interesting or have some meaning for you or your family. Also, placing an odd number of objects on a accent table or nook can be more eye-catching and interesting than even numbers.
    • 2016 (and for years prior) Trend: White Marble countertops    2017 Trend: Quartz Countertops in plain patterns
      Granite has been out of favor for a number of years now…too speckled, usually dark, and powerful in the room.  Marbles, especially the various white versions, have been in style for quite a while (except with people who are concerned about their terrible susceptibility to staining)!  The solution….man made quartz slab materials, which we are using as a “quiet”, uber practical and neutral countertop, rather than as a scene stealer.  Have fun with your backsplash and decorative accessories, and let the countertop hold its own as a neutral workspace, not a design feature.

If you are interested in changing up your interior decor, consider talking to one of our interior designers today! Our team at Janet Brooks Design will come up with a unique and exciting interior design plan to help give you the home of your dreams!