Picture this: you just moved into a new house and all of your rooms are empty. Sure, they’re soon going to be filled with your furniture and boxes, but you’re stuck on the idea of how to actually decorate. You’re aware of all of the ideas out there, like the ones on Pinterest and other decorating inspiration sites, but you don’t think that you’d be able to do a great job by yourself.

If you find yourself in this situation, you may need to hire an interior designer. A designer can help you beautify your space and take the stress of creating a perfect room off of your shoulders. Along with stress relief, there are so many other benefits of hiring an interior designer.

First, it’s a surprisingly great way to save some money. Since an interior designer is a qualified professional in the field, they know exactly what they’re doing and how to avoid any potential mistakes. If you were to do all of the work yourself, you could end up costing yourself more money than saving it. If you don’t know how to properly hang pictures on the wall, you may suffer from more than just bad taste!  Little mistakes can end up costing you in the end, and they’re easily preventable with the help of a professional.

Next, a designer has access to a wide array of resources, which is something you might not be able to get on your own. Interior designers work with different brands and companies and have built different relationships with their owners. Since they have those contacts, the interior designer might be able to help you get that living room set from France that you’ve been lusting over. Without the help of a professional, it might be really hard to get exactly what you want.

Finally, hopefully, the interior designer you choose will be trained in his or her profession. The interior design industry generates $10 billion in revenues annually, just make sure your choice in a designer reflects your style. They should be open to conversation, your ideas and help you to see in your minds eye exactly what you want. A professional will lead you and excite you to make creative and innovative choices.

If you just bought a new house or are moving into a new space, consider giving us a call at Janet Brooks Design. We are here to help you create the space of your dreams.