The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in any home. With this in mind, it pays for every homeowner to really focus on their interior decorating ideas to the bathroom. This room will be the one part of the home that gets the highest return on investment. But for some homeowners, it can be especially challenging to come up with a proper design process for their bathroom due to its small size.

But don’t fret! Here are some easy interior design tips and tricks that will make any small bathroom feel much larger than it is.

Functionality is key

When you’re thinking of different designs for your bathroom, it’s best if you can incorporate functional pieces. We’re talking about some simple changes such as: putting a hamper underneath the sink, installing floating shelves and filling them with baskets and jars for small daily use items, and putting a towel stand in the corner to act both as storage and as a pop of color. Always look for a second use for an object when buying it so you won’t have any unused space.

Add a trough sink

A trough sink can come in handy in more ways than one. This type of sink is modern looking and can offer a larger area if two people are sharing a bathroom. A trough sink is a perfect addition to a bathroom if you have a big family.

Play with mirrors

This is one of the oldest interior decorating tip in the book. Putting mirrors opposite each other is the easiest way to reflect light in the space and creating a larger space than you actually have. If you have a window in your room, make sure there is a mirror opposite it.

Considering that according to a Houzz survey, 60% of homeowners are planning to remodel their master bathroom. With this in mind, if you have a smaller bathroom but are afraid to decorate it because it is too small, don’t fret! Simply try out these three tips and you’ll feel like you’re in a bigger and brighter space in no time at all.