It would be a wonderful premise if each space that you lived in expressed the individual style of the person who lived there.  Some personalities call for bright colors, while some people feel good in darker shades or cozy hues. What’s more, living spaces range in sizes, and while decorating a large room can possibly provide you with more creative freedom, sometimes it can be challenging in a smaller area.

Below, please read more about some simple interior decorating tips for small spaces and even small apartments. Remember, there can be a statement in the small!

Segment One Big Room it Into Smaller Rooms

For those who live in studio apartments or smaller spaces, try transforming your single, large room into a few different rooms with the use of spectacular rich material or room separators. Give each area a specific purpose and decorate sparingly. For example, if you want to put your “bedroom” by the window, place your bed in the corner of the room and put a bench at the foot. On the other side of the bed, you may want to place a fun or elegant room divider providing you privacy.

Utilize Your Unused Spaces

When you have a small space, it might look like there’s nowhere to store anything. However, there might actually be more space than you think. Force yourself to look around your apartment and see what unusual spaces you have. If there is a blank wall you think you can utilize, hang some floating shelves for storage and decorative purposes. Floating shelves are perfect for storing books, movies, bags, and for holding storage bins. You can also invest in under-the-bed storage containers. They may be thin, but they can hold more than you think.

Don’t Go Dark

Darker rooms tend to look smaller on their own. However, if your space is already small, it’s going to look even tinier. If you were to paint your walls dark purple, it might give you the cozy-feel you’re going for, but it might also make you feel trapped. Choose a lighter color or neutral tones to open up the space.

Coming up with designs for a small space may seem difficult, but it isn’t impossible. Until next time, explore and enjoy, from the experts at Janet Brooks Design Firm.