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4 Bedroom Interior Design Trends for the New Decade

The bedroom is probably the most important part of the home. It is where most people start and end their day. The room is also the most versatile; it is where you sleep, work, and sometimes eat and binge-watch our favorite shows. As new developments in science and technology continue to change our lifestyle, the bedroom’s interior design is set to transform. In the new decade, minimalist design meets bohemian decor. Interior designers also want to make the bedroom more functional, but with fewer distractions from devices.

Monochromatic Colors

The minimalist design is still trendy. The clear cut lines and crisp white adds brightness and gives life to an otherwise dull room. However, white can quickly saturate the room with light. Designers now prefer to break the monotony with monochromatic colors.

Your home design can incorporate colors like gray, navy blue, cream, and even black. Using variations of a single hue, interior designers can make the space more dynamic, yet coherent. Typically, monochromatic schemes start with three different tints of the same color. The first serves as a base, the second tint will be lighter, and the last one is usually darker than the base color.

In interior design, monochrome hues streamline the decor and furnishing and make the room look put together. Additionally, these simple colors make designing the room much less stressful. You can use your favorite tone, mix it up a little, and still achieve unity and harmony.

Using Statement Textiles

The other interior design trend set to take over in the new decade is textiles. You can bring out the full charm of your bedroom with fabrics and tonal variation. Even when decorating with monochromatic hues, there is no rule that everything should match. Using textiles and monochrome color gives you more options for decorating your home. Most designers today use fabrics with different textures:

    • Fabric Lampshades: Many colors of vibrant lampshades can add warmth and blur the clear lines, which invoke the feeling of a cozy and moody space.


    • Accent Walls: The use of upholstered walls creates an accent in the room and can turn it into an oasis of tranquility.

Use of Natural Elements

Another interior design trend is to seek inspiration from nature. It embraces imperfection by using unfinished materials. Texture and variation can be achieved with fabrics and earth tones. The bedroom may also include elements such as animal print wallpapers, or the use of weathered materials, which may include metals, raw wood, and concrete.

Another variation is the farmhouse. You may also use unfinished materials but complement it with clean and light colors. The modern farmhouse design has sought a more refined look that incorporates vintage accessories or upholstery.

Utilizing Innovation and Removing Devices

The design process must be conscious of the bedroom as a place for relaxation. Unfortunately, devices can disrupt your sleep. The blue light from your Smartphone, TV, and other electronics, can inhibit the release of the hormone melatonin. Melatonin is responsible for drowsiness, and lack of it can cause insomnia.

As a result, interior design today seeks to eliminate electronic devices from the bedroom. There are fewer outlets to reduce the temptation of lying on the bed watching TV, or using the Smartphone.

Technology also has some cool innovations for the bedroom. Lighting fixtures come in different types of designs, with multiple features that make for easier living. You can connect the table lamps, desk lamps, and chandeliers, to an application that you can control while you are away. Touch-activated shelves can improve organization and efficiency. Together with other innovations, technology is proving to be more useful and less of a distraction, when it comes to organizing the bedroom.

Developments in interior design, as well as science and technology, continue to transform the home. Many homeowners want a cozy room where they can return to after a hectic day. For some, their bedroom also serves as a part-time working space. You can always borrow ideas from trends and incorporate your style for a more personalized bedroom interior.