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According to GoDownsize, the interior design sector generates a $10 billion yearly income. Homeowners renovate their homes for different reasons. For some, this could be to enhance the visual appeal, while others do it to customize amenities to their home’s comfort requirements. Whatever your reason, revamping a home can help you feel more connected to your space. Below, please find five decorating styles to consider when revamping your home.

1. Traditional Design

This design combines various popular European styles from the 18th and 19th centuries. It typically features classic European décor, permanent cabinetry, detailed moldings, antique pieces of furniture, wood floor patterns, expensive textiles such as velvet, silk, or cashmere, and matching furniture and accessories. If you find symmetrical pieces, antique items, and classic art pieces fascinating, consider adopting this decorating style. The key to this style is symmetry, and for optimal effect, consider getting everything in pairs.

2. Contemporary Style

It’s easy to confuse a contemporary design with a modern one as they share several features. However, a contemporary design typically features straight lines, lighting fixtures like art pieces, and lots of glass, light, and open spaces. Furniture with exposed legs and dark or light wood tones feature this decorating style. When choosing colors for this décor, lean towards neutral-colored metal accent pieces to bring everything together nicely.

3. Modern Style

Modern décor is quite popular among homeowners. Its key features are symmetry, neutral primary colors with bold color contrasts, no clutter and decorations, open floor plans, and geometric-patterned or plain floor rugs. If you appreciate minimalism, clean palettes, and designs with crisp angles, this decorating style is perfect for you.

4. Transitional Design

This style incorporates elements from the modern, contemporary, and traditional styles. No wonder it’s gaining popularity among interior designers. With the transitional style, you can combine elements such as curved furnishings with lacquered finishes with textural pieces made from wood, steel, or metal. Try to limit accessories and use stunning art as focal points instead.

5. Shabby-Chic

The shabby-chic interior décor has become popular due to the recent vintage home décor trends. It typically features floral prints, whitewashed floors, and distressed furniture. Shabby-chic gives off a feminine, delicate, and soft feel. Consider hung light fixtures and linen textiles if this is your preferred decorating style.

You can use multiple design styles for your interior and the possibilities are endless. To get help with your interior design renovation project, get in touch with the team at Janet Brooks Design. Our passionate team of designers is ready to make your renovation dreams come to life.