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You’ve seen them in magazines, on TV, and in the homes you visit. Beautiful engineered hardwood floors that are so stunning they take your breath away. They have a natural beauty to them that no other flooring can match. And when cared for properly, they last for generations without getting damaged or worn down at all. So why is it so difficult to find good-quality wood floors?

Engineered hardwood has been the choice of professionals for years because it offers all the benefits of traditional hardwoods with an added bonus – performance! Engineered wood floors are lighter than solid wood, making installation easier and faster while also less expensive overall. Engineered wood is also more stable and far less prone to expansion and contraction, which means fewer problems with squeaks and noise. Keep reading for five reasons you should choose engineered hardwood for your home.

1. They Can Stand Up to Heavy Traffic

Engineered flooring can handle just about anything you throw at it while still looking beautiful and stylish. Just imagine all the activity your floors can handle with this durable, high-performance flooring option.

2. They Look Great While Lasting Longer

If your home is filled to the brim with kids and pets who love to roughhouse on the floors, then engineered hardwood might be just what you need. These floors are much less likely to get scratched, dented, or worn down than traditional hardwood. That means you can look forward to your new floors lasting for many long years without looking dull and dead.

3. They Are Less Expensive Than Traditional Hardwoods

One of the most significant reasons more homeowners are choosing engineered wood flooring is because it’s cost-effective. Not only is it more durable, but engineered flooring is significantly lighter than traditional hardwood, which means it can be installed faster and for less money.

4. Engineered Hardwood Floors Are Environmentally Friendly

Using less wood and by-products from trees during the manufacturing process means more of the forests we all love so much will be saved for future generations to enjoy instead of disappearing.

5. Engineered Hardwood Floors are Easy To Clean and Maintain

A bonus to engineered wood floors is that they are easy to clean and maintain. You can sweep, vacuum, or lightly dust mop your new flooring with regular household cleaners. If something gets spilled on them, you don’t have to panic because spills won’t damage the floor unless it is left to sit for long.

According to the decorating website, Houzz, you should leave 12-18″ of floor space on all four sides of the rug. This allows your new flooring to breathe and stay clean. Contact the design professionals at us for more information on engineered hardwood floors for your home.