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Decorating your home can be an incredibly fulfilling and fun-filled process. Rule one is when you are looking for new interior design trends, make sure to go for designs that work best for you and fit your space.

Your home’s decor can also play a great role in your mood and general well-being. For example, bright rooms with colorful walls and wide windows can to help alleviate depression and create a more conducive environment for work and study. Here are 9 simple interior design tips you can consider when you’re redecorating your home.

1. Make Ordinary Spaces More Lively

You know what’s better than a generic, white-painted hallway? A warm, lively hallway. One of the simplest yet most effective interior design trends is using wallpaper and colorful paint to brighten up mundane spaces.

Corridors, pantries, closets, and wardrobes- using wallpaper and suitable lighting can help you transform these spaces, adding color and unique style to your home.

2. Old and New Belong Together

It’s generally considered taboo to mix vintage and contemporary elements of style while decorating your home. However, for the bold and daring home designer, the greatest joy comes in making the unprecedented work.

Blending the old and the new is one of the most popular interior design trends right now. Don’t be afraid to match the sleek, straight lines of your ultra-modern dining table with hardwood, classic, deep-buttoned dining chairs.

3. Don’t Forget Your Lighting

The way your bulbs look is just as important as the quality of light they produce and their implication on your energy consumption. You should always consider all these factors when looking for new light bulbs for your home.

Since lighting plays such a monumental role in home decor, ornate LED bulbs are fast becoming rather popular interior design trends. Such bulbs not only look great but they are incredibly energy efficient as well: what’s not to like?

4. Have You Tried Wicker Storage?

Wicker is fast becoming a new favorite among homeowners and interior designers. Many furniture manufacturers are even incorporating it into their sideboards and cupboards. Wicker storage is very convenient and practical. It also has an incredible texture to it that will add to the mood and feel of the room when you redecorate.

5. Antiques and Antiquities

There’s something about an old table lamp, a carved, hardwood stool, a classic, Persian rug, or a great vintage piece of art. Such pieces elevate your decor and transform your home into a stylish and artistic time capsule.

Vintage, traditional furniture is typically built from solid grainy wood, and has a radiant, glossy finish that adds to the texture in the room. Having many such elements of art sprinkled around your home helps create a warm, vintage mood. Remember- antiques only get better with time.

6. How Often Do You Find Yourself Staring at the Ceiling?

One of the greatest tricks of interior design is taking advantage of all the real estate you have available. It’s ironic how noticeable ceilings are, even when they are bland and boring. This is why professional interior designers use it to redefine the room they’re decorating.

When using wallpaper in your room, install it on the ceiling as well. It’s advisable to use the same wallpaper on the walls as well as this helps create a seamless and continuous design. However, you could go with something different, as long as it has a similar texture and shade.

Final Words

Some people have a natural eye for home decor and design, and therefore approach renovation projects with excitement and anticipation. Unfortunately, others aren’t as gifted and even have trouble figuring out the difference between a carpet and a rug. If this sounds like you, it’s important to have an interior designer on speed dial to guide you through the numerous decisions you’re bound to encounter.

Working with a professional will help ensure you don’t make any mistakes that will be costly to remedy. They also have a keen eye for the interior design trends that will work in your home and those that don’t. This indispensable advice will help you get closer to the home you’ve always dreamed about.