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In case you haven’t heard: brass is back in style! And today’s brass isn’t the same as your mother’s old, polished brass furnishings from back in the 80s. Now we are seeing sleek finishes ranging from brushed brass to antique bronzes. If you are considering updating your home with the latest interior decorating styles, check out today’s new brass finishes.

Brass Is the New Chrome

Until recently, most people accented their furnishings with chrome or stainless-steel pieces, but brass is now back in style thanks to new trends in fashion. Most of the latest trending colors pair together beautifully with brass accents whether it happens to be a table, light fixture, or a vase.

Brass can also be used in bathroom fixtures such as faucets. If you have been thinking about remodeling your bathroom in addition to interior decorating, you are not alone. According to a Houzz survey, 60% of homeowners have plans to remodel their bathroom. So, why not have it done with brass accents?

If you are partial to some of your stainless steel and pewter pieces, you can still add brass to the mix. As a matter of fact, brass works best if you use it in moderation, and it complements other types of metal.

Not Your Grandmother’s Brass

Today’s brass is more understated and not as shiny and reflective as previous brass finishes. It still gives off the impression of elegance and class without being as vivid. Brushed brasses pair well with white cabinets and are a great option for remodeling your kitchen. They also add a flair of sophistication when used with lighting and bathroom fixtures.

Antique brass has an even more subdued appeal. It appears brown with touches of gold, and it’s basically the opposite of polished brass. Lacquered coatings prevent tarnishing, so avoid them if you are going for an antique style finish.

Interior Decorating with Brass

So, are you ready to speed dial your interior designer yet? While it may be tempting to cruise over to your local hardware store, a professional designer can guide you in choosing brass accents and advise you as to the best colors, finishes, and metals to mix together with your brass pieces. Call the design team at Janet Brooks today. You will see and feel the difference a great designer can make.