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Hardwood floors add a natural and timeless element to your home while eluding warmth, elegance, and luxury. For a while, hardwood floors could only be laid in specific environments and did not wear as well due to temperature and moisture effects.

However, with advancements in technology and interior design, engineered hardwood floors have found their way into the market and now gaining more and more popularity. Here are some significant reasons.

1. They are Durable.

Engineered wood floors are made of layers upon layers of plywood bonded together and topped up with a layer of solid wood. This implies that engineered floors have very tough floorboards, making them able to stand up to heavy footfall and heavy objects. This is one of the reasons why an interior designer would recommend engineered hardwood floors.

2. They don’t Expand and Contract the Same as Solid Wood Floors

A professional interior designer would advise you to install engineered floors primarily because of this reason. Engineered floors can be laid in environments where solid wood would risk damage. For example, you can use it in the kitchen and bathroom where temperature and moisture levels fluctuate constantly.

As a result of this, some interior designers recommend using engineered wood floors if you want to put in underfloor heating.

3. They are Easy to Install

Engineered wood flooring is quick to lay down. This makes it suitable for both do-it-yourself and professional installation. If you plan to work on your own home design, you can bank on engineered wood floors to be easy to work with and merges well with various interior design trends.

4. They can be Sanded

Although a lot of people believe otherwise, engineered floors can be re-sanded within their lifetime. This enables you to bring a ‘dead’ floor back to life. It also allows you to get rid of surface markings and stainings.

However, the number of times you can sand your engineered floor depends on the thickness of the solid wood layer on top.

5. They can be Refinished

After re-sanding your engineered floor, you can refinish it to protect its surface and make it look lustrous once again. This implies that you are free to change the look of your floor every time you re-sand and refinish it. This freedom makes decorating your home more flexible.

6. They Look Just like Real Wood

When engineered floors first entered the market, they were frowned upon because they distinctly looked unlike solid wood floors. They seemed to be the cheaper, less attractive option. However, with advancements in manufacturing and design, engineered floors have become more and more realistic looking, and now can’t always be told apart from real wood.

This is an added advantage to the fact that they cost less than real wood while providing more stability and support over a more extended period than solid wood floors. This is another reason why an interior designer would suggest installing engineered hardwood floors.

Final Words

Did you know that the interior design industry makes up for at least 10 billion dollars of total annual revenues? This is because more and more Americans have realized that how their house looks is entirely in their control. Investing in an experienced interior designer could help bring up the value of your property due to their recommendations.

Before you settle on an interior designer, make sure you have gone through their online portfolio and ascertained that your style and theirs are in sync. A professional interior designer should be involved at the beginning of the process educating and guiding you on current styles and design trends.