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bathrooms-janet-brooksIf you have a compact or small bathroom, you may feel as if it is impossible to decorate it to your specifications. Most interior design projects are meant for larger bathrooms, but considering the fact that about 60% of all homeowners plan to remodel their master bathroom, it is important to have enough tips and tricks to accommodate bathrooms of all sizes. If your bathroom is size-challenged, we’ve compiled a list of interior decorator approved small bathroom decorating tips.

1. Add storage in creative spots

Don’t place all your linens in clunky cabinets; instead, implement different solutions all throughout the bathroom. Some ideas could be stacking floating shelves, adding colorful storage ladders, or finding a unique and classic basket or colorful basin to roll and to showcase those fluffy towels.

2. Functionality is key

With a small bathroom, you will want to implement design elements that are not only fashionable, but functional. Make sure not to add any items that don’t have a purpose. To cut down on clutter, store items in glass jars on floating shelves and move beauty items to inside draws instead of displaying them. Stackable baskets can save your space and be functionable.

3. Stay neutral

When it comes time to pick your paint palette in the interior design process, it’s best to stick to neutral colors. Not only will they brighten up a small room, it will be easier to choose accessories to match.

4. Add pops of color wisely

It can be easy to overwhelm your bathroom with too many bright colors and fixtures. Instead, use your accent colors wisely and focus on only one aspect of the room to be the focal point. This can be your ceiling, your floor, your crown molding, or your sink fixtures.

5. Give the illusion of space with glass and mirrors

The use of mirrors are great! Have the focal point of the room be a large mirror, and install a glass shower door to give the illusion the room is bigger than it actually is. The room will instantly feel more airy and open.

Have fun channeling your own sense of color and interior designer and if you’re looking for the most creative and exciting interior design Phoenix and Scottsdale can provide, contact Janet Brooks Design. We design in Sedona and some surrounding areas as well!