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Spring is a great time to achieve new goals and write down resolutions for a new you. As you focus on making changes to your personal life, don’t leave your home behind!

If one of your goals for this year was to do more renovation and improve the decor of your residence, here are 7 interior design trends that will help to implement change.

1. Bold Monochromatic Color Schemes

Most people mistake monochromatic for pale and boring. This doesn’t have to be the case. Many homeowners are falling in love with this trend, which entails bathing entire rooms in one color.

Using colors such as yellow, orange, cobalt blue, aubergine, and Kelly green will help you achieve the monochromatic design in a flamboyant way. Pale monochromatic schemes can make a room seem too sterile.

2. Merging the Old and the New

For quite a while now, many homeowners have adopted a perfectionist style when decorating their homes. This meant not mixing different designs and textures, and although it makes for a uniform design scheme, it may get boring.

As you decorate your apartment or home for spring consider layering old and new together. Set that wooden antiquity you bought on vacation on your ultra-modern coffee table. This makes your decor more playful and daring and allows you to comfortably display elements of your personality through the items you collect.

3. Installing Centerpiece Doors

Standard white doors with generic trims can’t get the job done anymore. Gone are the days when doors were basic fixtures to your home. Many homeowners are now gravitating towards using bold, dark painted doors of superior make and design.

Such doors add character to your room. These dark, earthy tones, when paired with other furnishings, will make your house look classy yet contemporary.

4. Fun Bathroom Designs

Your bathroom can arguably be one of the most important room in your space. For quite a while now, bathroom designs have been tame and safe, with modest floors and countertops. This is changing. Because of their size and design, bathrooms are fun to experiment with and have fun. Don’t shy away from using colorful materials and wallpaper as this will help you achieve the playful aura you’re looking for.

5. Using Real Plants

For a while now, synthetic indoor plants have found themselves in almost every apartment hallway. Such plants are quite sustainable since they don’t require any nurturing and care. However, the time has come to replace them with real plants.

Real indoor plants help with a room’s aeration while giving it personality and character. Since succulent plants do well with little water, they wouldn’t be too much of an inconvenience to take care of. However, you must make sure your room has enough light to prevent the plants from curving as they grow.

6. Investing In Quality Bedspreads

When redecorating your bedroom, make sure to splurge on your mattress and a high-quality set of sheets. It’s worth it- we spend so much time in bed. You can also go for colorful materials and one-themed bedspreads to give your room a continuous, playful look.

7. Tucking Away Your Appliances

Installing your microwave and other appliances on your countertop is getting old. It wastes a lot of valuable space and also might not be very aesthetically appealing. Many designers are now tucking these appliances away on shelves. Make sure your microwave is still as accessible in its new position.

Your home is an apt representation of who you are and what you stand for. If you’re thinking of decorating your home, make sure to integrate elements of your personality into the overall design. These trends will help you create a comfortable and functional space without having to compromise on aesthetics.