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You may be home for the holidays and want to style your home to host some holiday parties. This year, designers will tell you the trends for decorating are using eco-friendly natural elements, vintage holiday decorations, monochrome colors, and decorating your patio or outdoor space for holiday entertaining. An experienced interior designer will better understand the interior design trends for holiday styling and hosting.

Simplicity In Decorating and Eco-Friendly Decorations

Decorating simply with eco-friendly decorations and ornaments is a trend this year. An interior designer can help you find natural wreaths made of sustainable materials, centerpieces, flower arrangements, ornaments, and evergreen trees that will fit your interior design decor. You want also want to extent this look to entertain outdoors, matching your accessories and outdoor furniture to make your holiday hosting activities memorable.

Decorating with evergreen wreaths and garlands, poinsettias, trees decorated with wood, or handmade ornaments can make an impression. Tones of deep green, white, and red are popular holiday colors. You may want to purchase handcrafted items such as wall art, blankets, and quilts. According to decorating studies, a happy home or space is where you feel secure, relaxed and can be yourself. Always decorate using interior design trends that you like.

Vintage Decorating Ideas

Holiday lights are a big part of the holiday. You may want to add lighting outdoors to your home or new fixtures like chandeliers, sconces, and other types of lighting fixtures. Lights can add to your holiday theme and decorating. Your designer can help you locate vintage ceramic trees, holiday villages, vintage ornaments, candles, and lamps to help with vintage themes. They can help you design amazing holiday displays for any room. Brass fixtures are back and lend an ambiance to holiday decorating. Brass knobs, lamps, or hanging light fixtures fit into holiday decorating.

Popular Colors This Year

The monochrome colors this year that are popular for the holidays are gray. This color on your wall or decoration matches white, red, and green due to its neutral colors. For warmer climates with holiday entertaining outdoors, colors associated with the ocean can be fun and trendy. These colors are brown, green, and blue. You can add touches of nautical decor with seascapes, seashells, and centerpieces for entertaining.

Entertaining Outdoors

Outdoor entertaining in warmer climates often includes getting new decorative furniture for the outdoors, adding outdoor lighting, holiday decorations, and even sitting eating around a firepit. An experienced interior designer can help you decorate your patio or sunroom to host holiday guests comfortably.

Contact the team at Janet Brooks design today to discuss holiday interior design trends and how we can help incorporate them into your home, condo, or apartment for holiday entertaining.