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In 2014, we have constantly seen new home gadgets hit the marketplace and customers can’t wait to get their hands on the latest and greatest out there. The home is no exception. Some of the latest gadgets seek to simplify daily life for homeowners and are constantly evolving with the rest of technology. When designing a home from the ground up, it’s important to consider the type of “built-in” gadget the client is hoping to implement. I always consider how the gadget will integrate with the home’s design and how long the it might last before a newer and better model comes out to replace it.   When making appliance selections for a new home under construction, we make tentative selections, knowing that a year later, when they are ready to be actually installed, we will need to review and see what new options have emerged that might be a better selection!

This rotating sink is a very practical addition to a kitchen island. The sink, cutting board and colander combination was placed in a central location of this kitchen and saves the homeowner several steps in the cooking process.

Rotating Sink

Rotating sink with cutting board and colander

This nifty gadget is a self-sterilizing door handle, which we could install for a client who is concerned with germs entering their home. A built-in UV light sterilizes the door handle when it’s idle and turns off when the door is in use.

Door handle with self sterilization

Door handle with self-sterilization system

This next gadget was created to solve the common annoyance of not being able to find the light switch when getting out of bed in the middle of the night. This innovative nightlight is installed in a room and turns itself on by touch.

touch nightlight

The Stenzo Nightlight that turns itself on by touch

We’ve all left the house and wondered if we remembered to close our garage door. This smart garage door opener connects to your home’s wi-fi connection and is controlled through a smartphone, no matter where in the world you are.

smartphone garage opener

Chamberlain myQ Garage allows you to control your garage door from anywhere by using your smartphone!

A popular addition to many luxury kitchens is the use of built-in drink machines. It’s ideal to build the drink machine, such as the espresso maker below, into the overall design of the kitchen from the very beginning- keeping the look seamless and freeing up space on the countertops.

built in espresso maker

Espresso maker built-in to this kitchen space

This new toilet is another gadget that adds some luxury into the bathroom while fending off germs in the home. You simply have to hold your hand above the toilet and it flushes without you ever touching it!


Kohler Touchless Toilet