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There’s an art to renovating your house, so it transforms into a home. Some grandmothers were good at this – the homes they built were always inviting, the hearth always warm, and the delicious smell of freshly-cooked bread was ever-present.

But, you’ll be surprised at how the current generation consists of natural-born interior designers too. According to a 2014 report, millennial homeowners were just as invested in renovating their houses as other age groups because they wanted to cement their stamp of ownership. Whatever age group you belong to, here are some renovation tips that will turn your house into a cozy home.

Choose a Style

Whether you’re going with a traditional or modern look, it’s important to figure out which style best describes the look you’re going for. There are so many to choose from and have fun with, including minimalist, industrial, french country, shabby chic, and rustic. Do your research to find out which interior design elements can help you best define this style, and go with that.

Choose a Color Palette

It’s much easier if you pick a color palette for each room, then have an overall color theme that encompasses the entire home. These days it’s no longer necessary to ensure that all the colors in your home match. You can still create a cohesive style as long as the colors vibe well together.

Layer Different Textures

Layering various textures throughout your home helps to give your home a cozy charm. You can still do this without branching too far from your choices of material and furniture. For instance, a great way to layer textures in interior design is by using contrasting fabrics, whether it’s fabric from your curtains, sofa, or lampshades. Opting for an accent wall can also add the same feel as a different texture, even if you just paint it a different color than the other three walls.

Use Rugs and Furniture to Define Spaces

You can place rugs at strategic points to ensure all spaces are clearly defined. That means having a living room rug, an entryway rug, and so on. You can also create this effect by using different furniture pieces throughout the home. This keeps the interior design flowing.

Use Interior Design Elements You Truly Love

At the end of the day, it’s important to only use interior design elements that you adore. Your home should reflect your personality and preferred style. Don’t add items you don’t like just because they look nice. For instance, when choosing a color palette, make sure you have your favorite color in the house.

Are you ready to turn your house into a home? With the tips above, you’re off to a great start. Call our design professionals to help you tie in your thoughts with a look you will love.