If you want to enhance your home’s coziness and sophistication this spring, you may not always need a total redecoration. The latest interior design ideas to freshen up your home decor may require only small changes. Here are a few design ideas to consider.

Small Home Décor Changes

Entertain thinking about pastel and neutrals. Think bamboo, respectively, for these thematic decors. You can work them in using small additions throw pillows or focal furniture pieces, such as an armchair or loveseat. Add wall art in either of these color schemes with a spring theme, such as flowers, or in a Modernist style. Updating with curtains can also add color while helping you reduce your electricity bill as spring moves to summer. That’s because these curtains combine blackout properties with insulation. Consider the new furniture trend of raw wood which looks great as a kitchen table, worktable, or end table. You can find raw wood worked into many pieces of artwork, too. Create a display of your favorite collectible notable on shelves of varying heights above your mantle or sofa.

Other small changes include updating your bed linens or adding a colorful accemnt pilow. These not only add the stamp of spring for the season but remind you and guests of the spring season.

Home Remodeling Projects

Remodeling does not have to mean renovation. You might remodel with something as simple as having your bookshelves repainted or having a contractor build a set of bookshelves in your family room. You could have the back wall of the bookshelves painted an accent color that complements your existing home decor. You could even dd raised flower beds or container gardens just outside your glass or French doors. This provides a natural transition from the interior to the exterior and vice versa. By bringing in the colors of spring in these containers, you welcome the season to your home. Color block your walls with a lighter color paint above the wainscoting and a darker color on the wainscoting and beneath it.

These simple ideas can renew your interiors in an instant and evoke the freshness of spring year-round. Call us today for design ideas to enlighten your home or apartment.