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Janet Brooks Design – Interior Design Trends for 2024

Welcome to the world of interior design, where trends constantly advance and influence how we shape our living spaces. As we exit 2023 and enter 2024, it’s time to explore the exciting interior design trends that we will continue to explore and advance in the year ahead.  What I do know is our clients have always appreciated that our process has kept their designs at the forefront of advances and trends.  All while keeping their homes and our designs nearly timeless.  All part of the process of designing for Luxury that Lives Well!

From innovative materials to bold color palettes, the top recent and future trends continue to guide us to transform our clients’ spaces. These trends inspire us to help create a home that reflects a unique style for our clients that is both livable and luxurious.

But how do we keep up to date with interior design trends without being a slave to fashion? And how do we select furniture, finishes, fixtures, and so on without the need to replace them every few years? By keeping true to ourselves — trusting our vision to deliver a chic and luxe space specifically for you and not everyone else that is livable and warm.

A Brief Look at Industry Trends:

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Design:  Sustainability has emerged as an important element in interior design in recent years. This trend will continue to gain momentum as more homeowners prioritize environmentally friendly choices. Natural and organic materials like bamboo, cork, and reclaimed wood will be in high demand for their eco-friendly nature and aesthetic appeal. Incorporating sustainable design elements into your space reduces your carbon footprint and creates a calm and soothing atmosphere.

Energy Efficiency: There are energy-efficient lighting, appliances, and HVAC systems available that can lead to lower energy consumption and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to a healthier planet and potentially lower utility costs.  It is expected that we will see an increased focus on integrating natural elements into interior spaces. Living walls, indoor gardens, and large windows that allow ample natural light will be popular choices.

Nature Integration: Biophilic design is a term that has come into vogue, and rightly so, in the past couple years. It emphasizes the use of natural textures and materials such as stone, marble, and terracotta. It seems that we have been doing this for years while designing in our southwest design.  Now there is an appropriate industry term for it. Natural elements that seem best if related to the spirit of the location of the home (i.e. farmhouse, coastal, or Southwestern), add visual interest and create a sense of harmony and serenity by bringing the location’s natural and organic features from the outside to the inside. These design principles are brought into your home and can create a space that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation.

Artisanal flair:  Artisanal items often reflect cultural traditions and techniques, bringing a sense of heritage and authenticity into your home. Whether it’s a handwoven rug, a hand-blown glass vase, or a hand-carved wooden sculpture, these pieces create a focal point and become conversation starters.

Tech Integration: As technology continues to shape our lives, it’s no surprise that it has made its way into the realm of interior design. Incorporating technology can enhance functionality, aesthetics, and the overall experience of our living spaces. From voice-controlled lighting and thermostats to automated window treatments and security systems, smart home devices will become more accessible and seamlessly integrated into our living spaces. The integration of smart home devices not only enhances functionality but also creates a sophisticated atmosphere.

Maximalism Wave: Minimalism has dominated the design scene for the past couple of years but in 2024, expect a shift towards maximalism with a modern twist. Bold colors, intricate patterns, and eclectic mixtures of furniture and accessories will take center stage. Layering different patterns, textures, and materials will create a visually dynamic environment. The key is harmonizing the elements and creating a curated chaos that feels intentional and sophisticated.

2024 promises to be yet another exciting year for interior design, with trends that prioritize sustainability, connection with nature, artisanal craftsmanship, and maximalist expressions. By continuing to incorporate these trends into our designs, we will continue to create spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and reflective of our southwest design style coupled with our client’s dreams and aspirations. We will continue to embrace sustainable design, bring nature indoors, invest in handcrafted pieces, and explore the realms of maximalism with the goal of creating a space that conveys Luxury that Lives Well.

Contact our design team today so we can create a design plan that fits your budget as well as your dreams while keeping in line with these current and future interior design trends.