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The interior design trends for 2022 are wide-ranging and quite diverse. There are new textures, colors, and materials, but the most important thing is that there are new moods. Over the next decade, specialized interior design sectors are predicted to grow at a fast rate of roughly 20%. With that in mind, which interior design ideas stand out?


As a designer or homeowner you will be happy to know the smooth curves of arched doors are easing the sharp edges that have multiplied for so long in additions and renovations. Arches, which date back to Roman times, suddenly feel quite current. In an environment with curved edges, you can’t help but relax. If you’re looking for interior design trends in your decorating, use it as a pattern, or use it as a form for windows and doors if you’re remodeling.

Bring on the Color for Concrete

Concrete comes into play in today’s bathroom ideas, which are all about adding personality while maintaining a monastic sense of spa-like tranquility. It’s the ideal material for this room because of the vibrant colors it now offers, as well as the texture and depth it brings. Colored concrete, in general, is having a renaissance. It’s become the design world’s favorite material, appearing on the exteriors of expansions, in kitchens, and on flooring.

Checked Technicolor Patterns

Checkered has returned, and this time it’s in technicolor. The famous design that never goes out of style now appears to have gotten a celebratory makeover, with brighter tones and a glossier finish. Its natural jute texture, vivid checks, and contemporary twist on humorous style are perfect for bringing your narrow hallway ideas to life. Start on the floor and work your way up the side of a bathtub. Take a chance!

Cordless Table Lamps

Preferences and technology have progressed from gimmicky, often uninspired rechargeable lighting solutions to an exciting arena of fashionable must-have new portable lamp designs by our favorite brands, reinvigorating lighting trends for 2022. They can be perched on a kitchen shelf as a piece to admire, placed in the bathroom to create a moody members club feel, styled as part of a dining table spread, or taken out to your patio area as the evenings draw in.

It is like the world is waking up after a bland 2020 and 2021. The way to go for 2022 for a designer is unique and creative. Contact us today for help with your design ideas and executing the ideas that bring new life to your interior and exterior living space.