It can be difficult to decorate your home without dating it in one way or the other. The reality is that all fashion trends will go in and out of style. While some may be out of style for longer than expected, even then they will eventually become “in” again most likely. One of the more recent trends to strike home decor is the southwestern style. This style can be traced to the American southwest, where earth tones abound, as well as animal prints and succulents. With that being said, has southwestern style had its moment in the sun? Or is it still in style?

Against Southwestern Style

Whether or not you personally like southwestern-style home decor, there will always be detractors. Even when a trend is at its height, some people will disagree with the idea that the trend deserves notice. Those that dislike a southwestern style would argue that it’s a bit kitschy, evoking the idea of cowboys. Additionally, the use of things like cowhide, whether real or faux, can be pointed to as tacky. There have also been concerns voiced about the use of certain patterns to evoke southwestern style. If you draw inspiration from Navajo blankets, for example, you could be committing cultural appropriation, unintentionally or not. Additionally, southwestern style decor can simply be out of place if you don’t actually live in or near the southwest. While you may be a big fan of the southwest, having a certain color scheme while living in the Pacific Northwest can be a bit distracting, and even clash with the surroundings.

The Arguments For Southwestern Style

Of course, there are those that argue that a southwestern take can be introduced to the home tastefully and indeed fashionably. You don’t need to draw from the culture of others in order to evoke the southwest. You can choose a modern take by relying on an earthy color scheme. Think of adding different prints or photographs to your home, perhaps depicting the southwest. If you do hang art on the wall, keep it 56 to 60 inches off the floor, in order to hit eye level. Go for a rustic, shabby-chic feel, committing to the southwestern sensibility without overdoing it.

Really, it’s not so much a question of whether or not the southwestern style is in; it’s a question of how you will execute.