Summer is upon us in Arizona, so now is the perfect time to give your kitchen a fresh new look. If you’re interested in making changes to your kitchen this summer but don’t know where to start, keep reading.

Come Up With a Theme

Before you do anything you need to come up with a theme. This theme will be what you base your decor, paint color, and appliances around. If you are remodeling during the summer many people choose to go with a warm, bright, lively feel. You can go along the lines of “green summer” by splashing the walls with yellow and bringing in some fresh plants. Or you can give it a “Mediterranean” feel with blues, and whites.

Beat the Heat and Bring in the Light

Brighten your home design with the help of colors and windows. If you don’t have many (or any) windows in your kitchen, consider investing in a few energy saving panels. Choosing windows that do well with saving energy will help save you money on cooler days and in the winter. Your heat won’t escape through any cracks and hot air won’t come in. If you can’t put any windows in your kitchen, install some new lighting fixtures.

Include Nature

Adding some fresh flowers or greenery to your kitchen can really help liven up the space. The flowers or greenery you incorporate don’t have to be actual living plants, though. They can be in the form of dishes, decorations, or wall murals. Important note: When hanging art, keep its center at eye level, which is generally 56″ to 60″ from the ground. Remember, don’t clutter. Your space won’t feel fresh and clean with too many items.

Summer is the perfect time to revamp your kitchen. Please give us a call today at Janet Brooks Design.