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Paradise Valley – Designing Luxury

Here at Janet Brooks Design, we love the diversity that comes with living and working in the greater Phoenix area.

Surrounded by mountain ranges, the Greater Phoenix area covers a little more than 500 square miles of Sonoran Desert.  It is comprised of 24 municipalities – each with a distinct set of characteristics, attractions and essences that offer visitors a unique glimpse at the nation’s fifth-largest city. Greater Phoenix is one of the largest metro areas in the United States, with roughly 5 million people who live here.

It is strewn with resorts and golf courses, and surrounded on its edges by national forests and American Indian communities, Greater Phoenix is about the size of Delaware. Here at Janet Brooks Design, we love the diversity that comes with living in this area. The weather helps too as there are over 320 days of sun per year as well.  It is no surprise that some areas of the Valley of the Sun – as it is called – are named most desirable or livable by many publications.

One of my favorite municipalities in the area is the wonderful town of Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Paradise Valley is a centrally located suburb of Phoenix. It is known for its luxury resorts, golf courses and luxury homes. Visitors from around the world come to enjoy the area and see the history, beauty and charm. Some of the lucky and determined visitors decide to stay. The town of Paradise Valley attracts some of Arizona’s most affluent residents and homes.

Many of these luxury homeowners have called on us for our advice and expertise to customize and design their new or existing homes. Our motto, “Luxury that Lives Well” resonates in Paradise Valley, and our design team really embraces these very custom and personal design projects. The undertaking of beautifying the interior of these celebrated and magnificent homes in our signature Modern Southwestern Design style is a pleasure.

We are fortunate to say that this town has provided us with inspiration and clients that have allowed us the opportunity to display our design skill and passion. Designing luxury homes of the rich and famous has been particularly gratifying to me and our staff.  This work in particular has really allowed us to become one of Arizona’s top interior design companies. Our portfolio is composed of many magnificent designs from spectacular homes set in areas like Paradise Valley and other high-end communities.

This work and the results of our vision and drive, continue to allow Janet Brooks Design to be considered one of the best interior design teams in Arizona by providing comfortable and luxurious living spaces. We like that our company’s home in Scottsdale is a short drive to assist our clients and prospective clients in Paradise Valley.

We are called on daily to potentially help new clients land their dreams in the comfort of their own professionally designed home. If you want to join our hundreds of very satisfied clients with the perfect design of your home that embodies your dreams, please contact our office to talk to one of our eager, knowledgeable, and talented designers. We can create a design plan that fits your budget as well as your dreams.  Our goal is to take a slice of what Paradise Valley embodies and inspires – modern Arizona Desert luxury – and make it work with your wishes for a space where Luxury Lives Well. We look forward to helping you!