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Designing the interior of your home is one of the best parts of owning a house. By choosing from an array of themes and color palettes, you can change the look of your home. Altering the interior design of your home for the seasons can give you a sense of refreshing change. The variety and color shift will keep you from feeling bored with the inside of your home and will give you an extra boost of seasonal spirit. The changing themes will also have your friends and guests on their toes for what you will do next!  Sadly, 47%  of homeowners in the United States haven’t updated the decor in their home in five years, and up to nine percent haven’t in 10 years, so here are just a few simple changes you can make to spruce up a space.  Remember, if you’re ready for more serious upgrades to your home decor and design, consider working with an interior designer to truly incorporate chand within your space.

Citrus colors

If you like vibrancy or even just a little color splash in a typically black-and-white or monotone room, consider using citrus colors such as yellow, orange, and lime green here and there in your design and decor. Some examples of incorporating citrus colors include table fruit, accent chairs, or decorative pillows. Black and gray are great complementing colors because they keep the citrus palette from being too bold.

Floral patterns

Floral isn’t just for spring, and with vintage designs it’s making a comeback. You can incorporate floral accents throughout your home wherever you see fit. And if you’re on a budget, because floral is such a classic style, you may be able to utilize pieces of your Summer decor for other seasonal themes in your home as well.

Rose gold and copper

Copper and blush tones such as rose gold have a refreshing glow to them in the Summer sun. Their lightness as well as their vibrancy when light reflects off their surfaces make copper and rose gold materials an elegant addition to any color palette. Even better, rose gold is a particular on trend color choice for 2017.

Natural fiber pendant lamps

Using natural fiber such as wicker around your lamps creates a chic but casual look that Summer is all about. They also change the light within the room and can change certain tones if placed properly.

Making small seasonal changes to your interior decor with the help of a designer can be a lot of fun and can keep you upbeat no matter the weather. An experienced interior decorator can also help you choose the best designs and features for your home no matter what style you like. And, if you prefer a more standard design to go with the seasons, interior designers can help you with that too! Here’s the bottom line: Making simple changes to your interior design can keep your house looking fresh and you feeling great all summer long.