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A professional interior designer can transform your bathroom into a whole new atmosphere. According to IBIS, the interior design industry generates $10 billion a year in revenue, and with good reason — it takes a professional eye to bring a room to its full potential. If you’re looking to make your bathroom feel more like a soothing spa, here are five ideas to discuss with an interior designer.

1. Declutter and Organize The Bathroom

Creating a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom starts with organizing your bathroom. Wood tones and natural materials can help create a relaxing mood. Invest in woven baskets and wood-tone boxes to neatly store all your bathroom essentials. This will keep your bathroom clutter free and add a gentle, calming feel to the room.

2. Bring In Natural Elements

Your bathroom should be an oasis of relaxation. Natural elements can help make the area feel more soothing. Plants in particular can breathe some positive life into the room. If you don’t have a green thumb, adding high-quality silk plants can add to the look and feel.

3. Add a Stool or Other Place to Sit

A spa-like bathroom requires the perfect place to sit. A small wooden stool is often the perfect choice. Of course, if you have more room in the interior of your bathroom, you can incorporate a larger type of seating. Remember, relaxation is the key to a spa-like atmosphere. Adding a space to rest while you ready yourself for the day can set the mood for the day.

4. Invest In Good Towels

Investing in high quality bathroom linens can set the stage for a relaxing atmosphere as well as aiding in the look and feel of luxury. High-quality towels,  robes and bathmats can add to a spa-like feel to your bathroom. They’re also soothing to the touch, enabling you to relax and unwind after a long day.

5. Add Some Art Work

Placing provocative artwork in your bathroom can help set the tone and mood for your bath space. Art created with natural elements and or soothing colors can help deliver the perfect spa-like atmosphere to your space. As you decorate, be sure to keep art pieces at eye level, and experiment with different textures and colors to create your desired look and feel.

A qualified, experienced Interior designer should be able to suggest and create your desired a look and feel, creating a bathroom haven. Placing the desirable color palette, tone, and texture can be highly transformative. If you’re ready to begin updating your bathroom and or looking to create the perfect space, contact the Janet Brooks Design team today.