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Interior Design PhoenixJust because you have a small kitchen doesn’t mean that it can’t enjoy some serious style. If you are looking to spice up your small space, look no further than these creative kitchen design ideas.

1. Glass always add light, especially when it is added to the fronts of your kitchen cabinet doors.

2. Try painting your cabinets the same color as your walls. This can add depth, and give the impression that the room goes on a little further.

3. Don’t break up your shelving. One long shelf that goes from one side of the room to the other is a great way to elongate a smaller room. If you choose to do wrap-around shelving, choose a lighter color wood so the shelves don’t look too cluttered.

4. When in doubt, go with shades of white. There is no easier way for everything to feel streamlined and open than with different shades of creams, ivory, winter white, and eggshell.

5. If you can, install custom-made cabinets if you have an unique shaped wall. Don’t let any space go to waste, instead install cabinets from floor to ceiling to utilize as much wall space as you can.

5. Keep it clean! Don’t clutter up your space with kick knacks, or other items that will make your space feel cluttered.

6. Keep furniture and tables sleek. Try not to fill your space with items you do not need or with furniture that has clunky legs and large pedestal feet.

7. If you like color, rather than whites, then pick two colors and decorate your entire kitchen using only these two shades. You also may want to try patterns that go vertical and lead your eyes to the ceiling to add depth to the space.

8. Subway tiles can be used for a sense of openness in the area. Some designs for this material include using it as a backsplash behind the oven, around the door frames, or on the wall with the window.

9. If your kitchen can flow into another room, then you may want to consider extending the look and feel of the kitchen into this other room.

10. Don’t block the sun! Remove window treatments and let the light flood in.

If you are looking for some inspiration to spruce up your house or kitchen, please give us a call. Janet Brooks Design has the insight, professionalism, and a “splash” of new ideas and color to entice  and delight your interior design! Contact us today.