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Data from Houzz survey indicates that 60% of homeowners have put plans in place to remodel their master bathroom, but interior design and decorating can include projects big and small — from renovating the bathroom to adding accents and new colors.

If you’re one of the people planning to remodel or redecorate this fall, here are some of the few trends you should incorporate.

1. Multifunctional Spaces

Multifunctional space is a trend in design that is geared towards designing a house for flexibility. With an increase in the use of the rooms, many people have been designing their houses to be flexible enough to accommodate diverse functions. For example, home libraries can accommodate guests when the need arises. This is done by use of movable bookshelves that can be relocated to one corner to accommodate chairs and tables.

2. Painted Ceilings

For years, homeowners have not been painting their ceilings with the view that no one will bother to look up. However, with many homes today incorporating wallpapers, there is a need for painted ceilings for blending purposes. Interior designers have been advising homeowners to incorporate this trend so that they can enjoy the beauty of using wallpapers in their houses. Today, you will come across painted ceilings in homes, especially in dining areas and bedrooms.

3. Bold Colors

For many years, bold colors have been used sparingly in home decoration. However, it appears that the current trends have incorporated bold colors in their entirety. Bold colors such as burnt orange, deep red, and navy blue are some of the colors that have been incorporated in home design to bring excitement into the room. If you are planning to revamp your interior this year, you can consider bold colors as a statement piece.

4. Leafy Introduction

With nature taking center-stage in many aspects of society today, thousands of people have been introducing leafy vegetation in their houses. There are many leafy designs out there that you can introduce in your house. However, many home designers are opting for natural vegetation. If you are interested in adding a a special touch to your home, you may want to consider introducing artificial plants or natural plants to have a fun, outdoorsy aesthetic.

5. Minimalism

Minimalism is one of the most recent interior design trends that have been introduced in the interior decoration industry. It is a design process that involves using very few pieces of furniture and other items in the house to create an illusion of a large open space. Most of the people with small houses have been using minimalism to make their friends comfortable while at the same time creating a sense of openness.

6. Sustainability Swaps

With thousands of people becoming environmentally aware, there has been a drastic change in approaches to interior design. People are no longer buying plastic products for home decoration. Experienced residential home designers have been using recycled products in strategic areas of the house. Others have been swapping plastic products with sustainable home decoration products such as wooden chairs and tables.

7. Large Windows

Large windows might be mistaken for architectural design, but they are part of interior design strategies. Homeowners who are concerned about the size of their houses are using large windows to create deep space and create a perception of large and spacious rooms. Besides creating spacious rooms, large windows are essential in providing natural light and cool air.

These are some of the dominant interior design trends this year. If you are looking for a top interior designer to contact Janet Brooks Design for professional interior decoration services.