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According to statistics from, the interior design industry produces a staggering $10 billion every year in revenue. This fact is just one of the many unique things about this industry that many people may not know. Check out a few interesting facts that you may not have known about this market.

Trends May Flame Out Quickly

While many design specialists chase trends to sell homes quickly, sticking to these ideas may cause issues. For example, when a trend flames out and is considered out of date quickly, your once fashionable home may need a design update to sell at the market or above the market. Consider a classic interior design look that offers the buyer a look that will stir the imagination and give them something to think about.

Indoor-Outdoor Living Provides Options

In warm areas like Arizona, indoor-outdoor living environments are incredibly popular. These areas create fun sitting areas where people can relax and enjoy their day and entertain during cooler nights. Patio doors are particularly important, as they can add to the look and feel of your interior design and shield out warmer weather.

The Southwestern Style is Still In

Though it may seem surprising, the Southwestern Style has remained a popular option ever since the 70s and 80s. Implementing neutral colors and adding in warm accent colors can set the stage for a quicker sale of your home. You can expect accents of wood and glass, tile, and wonderful open spaces!

Wood in Wonderful Places

Engineered wood flooring is a lovely trent that can replace the carpet in many homes especially when adding in fashionable area rugs for color and warmth.

Light Fixtures are Critical

Your light fixtures are vitally important for your home’s style, with modern, industrial, rustic, glam, and steampunk styles remaining very popular. Find a design professional who can identify the best light fixtures for your needs to ensure that you create your own look and style that will create a unique space.

As you can see, the interior design industry is constantly changing. If you’re not certain that a trend or style will work with your design space, give the team at Janet Brooks Design a call. Our process will help you integrate the look and feel you are looking for.