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Interior decorating can revitalize and transform a home. However, redecorating an entire house yourself may be too large of a process for any one person to take on. Keep reading this blog to learn a few tips for hiring a professional interior decorator.

Evaluate Your Budget

Before you start a project, make sure you can afford to bring your vision to life. Set goals and get a professional estimate of what the total cost of the project is likely to be. If your budget is limited, consider working with a decorator in stages rather than compromising on what you want.

You should allocate the majority of your funds toward furniture. According to The Robin Report, furnishings are one of the most costly purchases a person will make, only surpassed by the cost of a house and a car. Establishing a budget ensures you have the funds to invest in quality pieces that will stand the test of time.

Determine the Scope of the Project

Are you starting an interior decorating project from scratch or refreshing an existing room? Do you want to decorate a single room or your entire house? The more complex your project is, the longer it may take to complete.

Thinking about what you want to accomplish will give your decorating team a clearer picture of how long your project will take. Remember that you may run into issues, such as shipping delays. Plan your project carefully and find the right time to get things started.

When to Hire an Interior Designer

Interior design projects take time, so it’s best to hire an interior designer several months before the intended completion date of your project. Once you’ve identified what you’d like to accomplish, a designer can help you realize the full potential of your project. Working with an interior designer can also help you stick to your established schedule and budget.

Keep in mind that design projects typically go through several rounds of discussions and revisions. Bringing a designer early on will give them ample time to gather information and source pieces for your home. An interior designer can provide valuable insights and guidance during every project stage.

There are numerous factors to consider while planning an interior decorating project, but timing is particularly important. Planning your project can help you avoid mishaps and keep things on track from beginning to end. Contact our team at Janet Brooks Design if there’s a project you have in mind to create!