Homeowners are always looking for ways to brighten up their homes. When you own a home, it is your sanctuary. You will want it to look as nice as possible for you, your family, and any guests. That being said, home renovations are a large endeavor. It is often not just a single room. Around 35% of home renovations involve the entire home. One of the most important aspects of home interior is the lighting fixtures, and there are many different ways that will help to illuminate your home. Follow along for some of the most popular lighting trends right now.

Statement Lighting

Are you looking for ways to make a statement with your home interior design? One popular way to accomplish this goal is through lighting. Statement lighting fixtures are some great ways to make the whole room pop. They serve more of a purpose than just illuminate the room. They can be an interesting conversation piece.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is another home design trend that is growing in popularity. Homeowners are embracing the latest technologies in illuminating their home interior. Smart LED lighting has many different benefits. One of the most important is its energy efficiency. As we make protecting our environment a major priority, cutting down on energy use is vital. With these new technologies, you can control your lighting from your phone. Forgetting if you turned off the lights before leaving home will never be a problem anymore.

Other Unorthodox Lighting

There are many different ways to make a statement with your lighting. Are you looking for ways to make your lighting stand out? Consider using outdoor lighting in the interior of your home. Outdoor lighting fixtures, such as lanterns, are a growing trend in home design. This may seem bizarre, but it can look beautiful. Lanterns can really accentuate any room. They are understated yet can provide just enough light for you and your family.

Another popular yet unorthodox lighting trend is farmhouse lighting design. Many homeowners love the rustic design for their homes. The farmhouse look can really give any room a nice lived-in and country feel. A caged chandelier is a great way to give your dining room that farmhouse look. Even if you live in the city, there is nothing stopping you from converting your home to have a farmhouse aesthetic.