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Sometimes it feels like new trends are surfacing every day. Trying to keep up on the latest trends can feel overwhelming, but we are often drawn to do it. This might include completely reworking our indoor spaces to feature a different design style. While it can be exciting following the latest interior design trend it can actually become outdated quicker than you think. This guide will help you to learn why following trends may not be in your best interest and what you can do instead.

Trends Expire

When we are in the moment, researching the latest design style that has suddenly surfaced, we often overlook the fact that this trend will not be around to stay. Shops suddenly are grasping for inventory that fits in line with this particular trend and home décor stores are advertising their stock on social media. Everywhere you look, the décor and design are in your face. It is important to remember that the more suddenly it appears, often the more suddenly it will disappear. People will soon get their fix of that design style and need something else to jump on board with. This is when a new trend will emerge. So, always keep in mind that trends tend to expire.

Trends are Cookie Cutter

For the sake of uniqueness, trends will not bring you satisfaction. You can walk around your home, walk around your friend’s home, and walk around your neighbor’s home. If they are all designed the same, it is bound to get a little stagnant and boring when it comes to design. You may notice that you lack motivation and may wish that you had more unique pieces in your home that help you to stand out. This is because trends are often limiting, specific, and can leave you looking exactly the same as your neighbor. Your unique personality in creative interior design is what is important to shine.

Keeping Up is Hard

If you jump on the trend wagon, you can expect to be riding it for quite some time. This is because once the first trend you follow expires, you then may be looking to the next trend. This could happen within only a few years, which means everything you’ve incorporated into your home is now out of style. This can be frustrating, time consuming, and costly. Instead, you will want to focus on other ways that you can properly decorate your home.

Find Your Signature Style

Finding a style that you enjoy can be difficult work and it may take some trial and error. While a trend might be immediately appealing, that feeling can soon wear off. It is important to find design aspects that you are happy with and that you feel can last for the long term. Speaking with a professional may be able to help you hone in on your unique style.

Incorporate Timeless Pieces

Timeless pieces are generally not trendy or tacky pieces. These pieces can stay with you throughout the years and will become classic in their old age, holding their value. You do not have to make everything in your home a timeless piece, but it helps to incorporate them into your home. They may be focal points or usable items that help to make your home more functional.

Hire a Professional Residential Home Designer

The interior design industry brings in around $10 billion annually. If you want to find your unique design style and learn how to incorporate it into your home, hiring a professional home designer is a great option. Your home designer can help walk with you through every process and help you choose pieces that you can have in your home for years to come.