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Driving the New Top Interior Design Trends

Trends that have passed us by, styles that are here and now and then the interior designs that are emerging are compiled based on the experts and professionals and their surveys and opinions.  The experts in the field of design always seem to gather up these lists at the end of the year and beginning of the next. We even published a glimpse of where our design is heading for 2024 a couple of blogs ago (see here). Now the year end lists are out and we notice that the designs coming out of our expert design studio in the great city of Scottsdale, Arizona for our wonderful clients are hitting the notes in most areas of the predicted designs.  Our southwest inspired interior design is both current and trending.

I sit down sometimes between the seemingly endless array of business, design, office and staff tasks that seem to be a constant joy and battle in the land of Janet Brooks Design and take a peek around at what some of the other high end and top interior designers are doing, thinking and predicting.  Not surprisingly, the designs that we tend to incorporate for our clients here in the magical desert southwest (and beyond) are always on the leading edge of what the experts are predicting.  Some of the design influences tend to be born right here in Arizona.  I don’t often do this – look at yearly trends and polls and opinions of the experts.

I feel that design trends are driven through the consultation, collaboration and inspiration between our talented design staff and our clients.  The finished product points us down the road toward what is trending.  I believe that trends evolve from this effort.  This is what is driving the new trends on a constant and rolling basis.

Here is a quick list of the design trends that we have used and seen and are predicted:

Goodbye to cream bouclé:  Though bouclé’s ubiquity endures—most designers believe the next iteration of the nubbly fabric is on the horizon. People like bouclé because it’s soft and because of this trend of shapely, rounded furniture. To upholster those curves well, you need a bouclé that pulls in multiple directions – hence the name. We think the days of solid colors are over. Two-tone bouclé alongside soft, comfy, and durable fabrics like chenille are the future.

Saturate rooms with color: Rather than featuring small pops of color in the form of things like throw pillows and blankets, interior designers will bravely drench interiors in monochrome hues. “We’re seeing monochromatic colors inspired by 1990s minimalism, yet no longer in the neutrals of the ’90s. It’s minimalism on steroids. Color gives every project an important touch and we’re moving into pastel tones lately, and I feel that what’s on the horizon will be to bring the volume up and go into more vivid colors.

Hunt for wild stone: There are always going to be people who want Calacatta Gold for their kitchen counters, but there are a lot of other interesting types of stone out there. It’s not just all white or beige.  Some designers will start using really wild and interesting stone to make spaces feel unique.  Some clients are also trying to be more conscious about specifying natural stone, focusing on things that don’t have as much of a carbon footprint extraction price, and trying to be more local when possible.

Art Gallery-Inspired Spaces: Ultra-contemporary spaces having a moment in 2024. Think bold color, clean backdrops, and unexpected accents, like funky cocktail tables and neon light fixtures that hold intense color. Some people may consider it trendy, but it’s something that experts think will elevate current designs.

Earthy Color Palettes: Mother Nature always seems to be right and her color schemes are always in style, but never more so than now. Earth tones will reign supreme in 2024.

This year promises to be yet another exciting year for interior design, with trends that prioritize sustainability, connection with nature, artisanal craftsmanship, and maximalist expressions. By continuing to incorporate these trends into our much desired interior designs, while also designing through the consultation, collaboration and inspiration processes with our clients, we will continue to create spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and reflective of our southwest design style coupled with our client’s dreams and aspirations. We will continue to embrace sustainable design, bring nature indoors, invest in handcrafted pieces, and explore the realms of maximalism with the goal of creating a space that conveys Luxury that Lives Well.

Contact our design team today so we can create a design plan that fits your budget as well as your dreams while keeping in line with these current and future interior design trends.